"Akustik Gitarre" magazine 

"Akustik Gitarre" magazine published a nice story about me, written by Jens Hausmann. Visit my Facebook profile and read the story.

New videos at Siccas Guitars

I am thankful to Siccas Guitars for the beautiful videos. You can find them by visiting my YouTube channel.

Interview by Simon Sargsyan for JazzBluesNews.Space

Rasgueo´s music is trying to achieve a balance between jazz´s intellectuality and flamenco´s emotionality

New flamenco guitar: Francisco Barba 1966

I had the opportunity to visit once more „Vintage Guitar World“ in Michelstadt during a mini tour in Hessen with „Four Styles“. The flamenco guitar collection there is becoming bigger and more interesting. This time I found there a significant choice of guitars made by some of the best guitar builders such as Gerundino, Miguel Rodriguez, Manuel Reyes, Manuel de la Chica and Francisco Barba. It is such a beautiful experience to play and compare different guitars of greatest value and appreciate the qualities of each one! Though I was not initially interested on buying another guitar, it was impossible to resister to one of the finest guitars I have ever tried, a 1966 Francisco Barba. You can find a short video with this amazing guitar played by myself, by visiting the facebook-page of „Vintage-Guitar-World“.

Rasgueo: Flamenco Festival of Ingolstadt

Rasgueo is gonna give a concert at 19th September 2019 during the 1st Flamenco Festival of Ingolstadt.

Rasgueo´s second Album

The second RASGUEO album, Echo, is out (Galileo-MC). Nine original compositions and an arrangement of Isaak Albeniz´s ASTURIAS. Recorded, mixed and mastered at rbb-Studio Berlin by Maria Suschke (Sound Supervisor), Bernd Bechthold (Sound Engineer) and Ulrich Hieber (Digital Cut). Produced for Kulturradio rbb by Ulf Drechsel.


New flamenco guitar

I have been visiting Vintage Guitar World in Michelstadt and had the opportunity to test several used flamenco guitars. I decided to buy a guitar of the prestigious Hermanos Conde workshop in Madrid.

Conde Hermanos 2009 (2a) signed by Mariano Conde

Recording of a new solo album

I have composed seven original flamenco pieces and the recording is on process. For this album I record with my new Hermanos Conde 2009 flamenco guitar.


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